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The Collector

The Collector is a set of two Visual Basic .NET applications.

The first application, which runs nightly, contacts a remote Microsoft SQL Server database to retrieve any overdue invoices. These invoices, if they are not being ignored, are then stored in an access database I created.

loading screenshot.

The second application uses this access database to display the overdue invoices. The user can then choose to contact the company via email, print a letter, or choose to ignore overdue invoices. The letter contains the invoice number, transaction date, amount due, and days late for each invoice. It also contains the address of the company so, if folded correctly, printing envelopes is unecessary. The email is sent automatically through a Microsoft Exchange Server. Any action taken is then saved to this same database. This allows the user to view any ignored invoices and re-email or reprint any letters.

Screenshot with sample data.
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