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Rochester Skyline
Web Design Projects

John W. Tomac

A handcoded site I made for Illustrator John Tomac. This site was created using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and DHTML. The portfolio section of this site is created dynamically using php from the images in a specified folder.

Java Projects

Fifteen Square Game

A 'Fifteen Square' game I created during Programming for Information Technology III. (may take one minute to load)

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Director Projects


A helicopter Game I made in Macromedia Director for my Interactive Digital Media final project.

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Flash Projects

The Drive-thru of Tomorrow

A prototype I created for Interface Design to simulate a touch screen/fast food ordering system.

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Visual Basic Projects

The Collector

Two complex Visual Basic .NET Applications designed for Credit Reporting.

Connection Chooser

A simple VB.NET program that allows me to easily switch between connections on my laptop.


A simple program to create thumbnails. RicsPics.org uses thumbnailer and a modified version of my photo gallery script to create a dynamic web photo gallery.

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